September 20, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen,

I feel that now is the perfect time to reflect with you on how often I post here.  I like keeping it at one a day, because then I feel like I'm in constant contact with you, which allows me to better feel your presence in my life.

At the same time, I can't pray to you about a life balance and then turn around and stress about writing my prayers every day.  Especially since I am in contact with you the old fashion way, through each day.

So if, and as, I calm down from posting daily, to just a few times a week, please know it is not a representation of my relationship with you.  I'm still here and you'll here from me.  But in choosing to spend my time wisely, I think you'll approve of me not stressing over time to write to you.  I'll still make the time to post what needs said.  Exploring my relationship with you is still a high priority.  It's just all about balance.

Karen Marrs

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