September 19, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen,

Please let me keep ahead of my school work.  Last week was stressful because I got behind due to being sick.  I'm going to work hard this week, and next week, and the weeks that follow, to keep ahead of the game.  Please just help me to feel that motivation.  I'm very well self directed.  I allow myself breaks, but not in the name of sacrificing my grades.  I have a perfect 4.0 and if that's going to slip, then it's going to be because I struggle with the work, and not because I'm not getting it done.

So please...  I guess what I'm asking for is less motivation based, but to help me manage my over all feelings of stress while I balance my obligations in life.  And that includes a health balance of time for gaming, or reading, and writing.  I can have it all, and it shouldn't be impossible.  Just please help me not feel the stress of my balancing act.

I promise to do what I'm suppose to do.  I know this one is just as much if not more so on me than it is on you.

Karen Marrs

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