September 24, 2015

Dear God, It's me Karen

Math.  Oh the math.  I both love and loath it at this point.

I've given up on my fellow classmates liking me.  To be blunt, and there is no point holding back with you, they are jealous that I'm getting this material faster than them and it's skewing their ability to like me.  Both classes.

I'm also... this week has seen a lot of new information poured into my head.  Some weeks are light, some weeks are heavy, and this week was heavy for both classes.

I've got it, I think.  I've retained the information well enough that with practice, I'll be just fine.  I'm just exhausted thinking about the amount of practice.  Between the regular homework load, an up and coming test, and a project that just started, my to-do list is 2 pages long.  And I forgot to add a few things.

I'm just tired.

I shouldn't complain because I want to be in school.  This is the kind of stress I actually thrive under.

I shouldn't use should/n't statements according to my therapist, but it's true.  I'll be fine.

Just maybe, I don't know, keep an eye out on me?

At the very least... I've technically been doing math for about 11 hours straight and I feel like I'm going to puke.  That might also be because of a questionable sandwich I ate about 9 hours ago.  If I could please just not puke.  My life doesn't need puke.

I should sleep.

Karen Marrs

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