August 24, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen,

So I suppose I don't need a publisher for my book as I can always self publish.  The problem with that is I'd also need to self market, and I just don't have those type of funds.  I really don't.

I can live with myself if my book isn't a huge hit.  I mean I'd like it to be a success, but I'll survive it only being read by a dozen people or so.  However, the intent of the book isn't just to tell my story, but to actually help people.  For it to help people it needs to be read by people.

Maybe my calling isn't as a writer.  I'll let you be the judge there.  I will keep on writing even if it helps no one but myself.  However.  However.  However there are millions of people with my diagnosis and the more we have in the world that is out there shouting to the heavens that we, they, aren't alone, the better.  You can't have too many books and blogs.  There is room for more and more.  I know I feel better knowing I'm not alone.  That's what I want for my book.  To show how bad it can get, but how good it can be as well.  Not to mention I put forth a battle plan for getting better.  Maybe it's a flimsy plan?  But it's the plan I have and it's better than no plan and I fully intend to experience the plan with those who select it as their path with me.

I'm not going to give up on finding a publisher or literary agent.  I'm going to keep trying.  I could use a little help?  But maybe that isn't your plan for me,  In which case I'll self publish in the spring.  I'll use a few hundred dollars of tax return money to try and do some marketing.  I'll be happy knowing I did the best I could and never gave up.

I'm not going to give up, God.  I'm going to fight for this book.  If I fail, I'll know I at least did my best.  That's all I or anyone can ask of me.

Just please.  Please nudge me in the right direction here.  I can't do this fully alone.  At the very least I need test readers, editors, and the support of those I love.

I can do this.

Karen Marrs

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