August 25, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen,

So... I had that mental health appointment I told you about a couple of weeks back.  As of right now, we're keeping me on the Zoloft though we are increasing the dose.  It's really hard to tell if it's working.  I'm just so apathetic towards life right now.  I'm not suicidal, which is a plus, but I'm not really living either.  I'm just sort of here.  Hopefully increasing the dose will help.

We also discussed how I'll feel better once I'm in school.  I'll just have more purpose in life.  It'll get me out of the house.  It'll keep me busy.  So we're saving the big decision as to whether or not to keep me on the Zoloft until after I've started school.  I honestly don't think anything would work right now.

So as before I'm asking that you please leave the guess work out of this.  No, "It's kind of working, but I'm not exactly happy I'm just not overly sad either."  None of this apathy, please.  Either Zoloft will or it won't work.  I go back in like 5 weeks.  That's plenty of time for it to be in my system and I'll be in my 3rd week of school.  I should know by then, right?

I'm not saying the work will be over.  I know I have a long road ahead before I reach recovery.  But I'd really like to be helped along by meds that work.

Please and thank you.

Karen Marrs

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