August 23, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen,

So David is job hunting again.  Can you look after him and help him find a job near by that his health can handle?  He's become rather fragile in many ways.  We also need the job close so we can get him there without spending all our money on gas in the process, and so he can live at home full-time and have a more reliable meal schedule.  He's a hard worker and willing to do most anything.  The job doesn't need to pay a fortune.  It just needs to be close, and a safe environment for him.

I ask you to please guide him and look out for him.  He doesn't need this job tomorrow, but the sooner the better.  That said, we're willing to hold off for the right job, instead of taking the first job.

Please look out for him.  Please.

Karen Marrs

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