August 22, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen,

So one of the things we did to make financial matters better for us right now, is put in a formal request for a deferment on our car payment.  That way we could have some breathing room and put money elsewhere.

We really need this deferment to go through.  That would be super helpful.

It's something they are able to do on a case by case basis based on what they consider to be a valid need.  We explained our financial situation as well as why we're in our current financial state.  So they have the power and reason to approve it, but they also have the power to say no.

I'm just hoping that you might nudge them some towards compassion.  We're getting caught up on things and things will turn around soon.  The 3 adults in this house are doing all we can.  But some things are up to chance and/or out of our hands.

Karen Marrs

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