October 7, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen,

So this test I'm taking today.  As much as I'd like an A, I'll settle for a B.  I really will.  The subject and material is challenging and as long as I do my best, I will relax my standards some.

That said, please help me remain calm, as I suffer horrible test anxiety, and help me pace myself.  This will help keep me from making simple, and entirely preventable, mistakes such as dropping negatives.  It would also help if in the blind panic of taking this test, I didn't lose the 3-4 formulas rolling around in my head.  There are only 3 I'm really worried about even though I know them.  The fourth has a song.  So I mean, even if I panic I'll remember the song.  But the other three.  I need to remember to write them down first so that when my stress is at it's highest, and I'm faced with needing them, I have them.

Just please help me not panic.  This is just an algebra test, and not a measure of my worth.

Karen Marrs

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