September 9, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen,

This car situation is really getting to me.  The people our loan is with denied the deferment, so they want money from us NOW.  A few month's worth.  We just don't have that.

They have something else we can maybe do to prevent them from taking the car.  We are trying to work with them.  It would just be really helpful if they were willing to work with us.  We've been paying on the car faithfully for a couple of years.  We aren't late with payments.  We've just hit a rough spot.

It's just really discouraging that they don't seem to care.

We have no hope other than to keep trying and to hope for a miracle of sorts.

This is the only car our family of 6 has.  There are 3 adults dependant on it.  I need it to get to my mental health appointments.  I need it to get to school.  We need this car.

I'm losing any feelings of hope I had.

Karen Marrs

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