September 10, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen,

I know a little bit more about the car situation and what the people our loan is through can do for us.  It would be so simple and wouldn't really put them out in the long run.  It is a simple act of kindness that would save our hides.

Not to mention we just need to survive until spring.  This spring we can use the tax return to completely pay off the car.  Then we'll be out from under that debt and they'll get all the money we owe them.

We just have to survive 6 more months.  6 months is simple if they grant us this one kindness.

It's manager's discretion.  There is nothing to prevent them from saying yes, they just have to want to.  They just have to care.  They just have to feel kindness in their heart.

Please help them feel kindness in their heart.

Karen Marrs

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