August 9, 2015

Dear God, it’s me Karen,

God, I need to talk about money. I have never spoken to you about this before, I don’t think, but we’re reached emergency status. We are at risk of losing our car, our electric, and our home.

I am a firm believer that money is something that is to be earned. However, I guess you could say I’m a socialist because I also believe that there are certain things that people shouldn’t have to worry about affording, shelter and the most basic of amenities is one of these things.

Our situation here isn’t going to lead to wealth anytime soon. My husband is disabled and receiving social security. I’m also disabled but I’m not currently receiving benefits. I am however working hard in school and I have left over loan money coming in that will go towards bills. The trouble is that it doesn’t come until October and we aren’t going to make it that long. My brother-in-law is also here and he’s worked a few jobs trying to provide, but he’s struggling at finding anything close enough that he isn’t spending the majority of his pay getting to work. Or as such that he can live at home.

I pray that D can find something that pays well enough and is close to home. We are on the brink of losing everything and it’s a scary feeling. Even the car at this point is a necessity because it’s how I travel to and from my mental health care, which isn’t exactly local to me. We are so close to losing it, God.

Please watch over us, God, and help us to not lose everything. We have struggled so hard for so long and it feels like things are getting worse, not better. Please lead us to better financial security. I’m not asking to be rich, I just need to not worry over the most basic needs in life. If nothing else, my children deserve some stability.

Please watch over us God.

Karen Marrs

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