August 28, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen

D's in a bad situation.  Someone he cares very much about, is in the process of rekindling an abusive relationship.  A relationship that may well take D's daughter away from him.

I just pray that the girl in question will make the right decision.  I pray that D can find peace.  I pray that the father/daughter relationship is not harmed in all this.

Please guide this.  I leave this in your hands.  I know the girl's will is strong, but the guy beats her.  We got her away from him once, I'm afraid next time...  I'm afraid for her, for D, and for everyone.

Please look out for these people as I care about them.  Dis family.  His daughter is family.  This girl is practically family.  Please watch over them and see that no harm comes.

Karen MarrsPray

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  1. I will continue to lift them all in prayer. They feel like family to me too.