August 19, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen,

Alright, so here's the deal.  My daughter Sammy is so ready for preschool.  She is beyond ready and rather upset she doesn't have a classroom to visit everyday.  I'm working on getting her enrolled but I dropped the ball when I needed it in play.

First, I should have started this process last spring.  I kind of tried to, but I was too sick to put the needed effort into it.

Second, apparently she is a month late on her yearly physical with her doctor.  This wouldn't matter except her doctor might refuse to fill out the needed paperwork until she's been seen.  I have her scheduled.  I've had her scheduled.  But I scheduled it too late and the earliest they can see her is September.

I find out tomorrow if they will fill out the paperwork.  I really need them to fill it out.  Or, if they can't, then I need them to see her this week for her yearly physical.

I need to get this kid into preschool and we're running out of time as the classes are filling up.  I'm afraid that if we wait until September it'll be too late and we'll have to wait a year.

We can't wait a year,  It's killing me that she has to wait a week.  She is so ready.

Please let this matter be safe in your hands.  I will do all I can on my end, but we might need some additional help from you.  Please.

Karen Marrs

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