August 16, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen,

I have been advised not to pray for patience as you just might give me something to need to be patient over.  I don't know that it works that way, but I'm not going to argue and risk it.

So instead I ask for the wisdom and inner peace, not to mention mental health, to find my own patience within myself.

I pray for this for my husband Pat as well.

We both are struggling as parents right now.  With our mental health at it's worse, it's hard to be the parents we want to be.  We love our kids and I think that's clear, but love isn't enough.

Pat had to survive his childhood.  Not thrive, but survive.  As a result has has PTSD from his own childhood.

It is my hope that my kids won't see this happen to them.  I wish for them a childhood where they can thrive, be happy, and feel loved.  For this, the foundation is within Pat and I and the key missing ingredient is: Patience.

Karen Marrs

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