August 31, 2015

Dear God, it's me Karen,

Rachel is back in the hospital for a few days being watched over while they change out her meds.

See, we're not suppose to worry too much, but her liver is showing some very early signs of rejection.  Now, it's really early so it can be prevented and this new med is the best med and it should be a huge help.

But when she was on it before, it gave some undesirable side effects.  Which in the grand scheme... Risk verses benefit is a whole different concept when it comes to something like this, but I'd still like to think she'd have a great quality of life once things have settled down.

I know the first year is the hardest.

You have brought her this far so I trust you to continue to watch over her.  Please don't let her reject this liver.  Please let her find a recovery from all the pain she's been in.  Please let her spleen heal.  Please let her be ok.


Karen Marrs

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  1. OK, you keep making me cry. I love you so much Karen and I'm so happy to see you reaching out to God. Even if you aren't sure about a lot of're open and reaching out and that's all He asks for.